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Check out which refugees are always welcomed in Turkey

Now what I’m about to tell you might sound harsh but hear me out. First things first: Turkey does not possess the means to take care of refugees/illegal immigrants. Turkey can barely take care of their 80+ million population due to devastated economy and overpopulation. Since 2011 Europe and USA have been using Turkey as a buffer zone to house refugees and make sure no refugee crosses the border and disrupts their lifestyle. Europe handpicked refugees who looked promising (doctors, engineers, people with high education and money), while Turkey left with millions of military aged, uneducated, broke refugees whom resorted to crime once they got there. They also kept breeding like crazy even when they have 3 or more kids whom are begging on the street.

The only refugees who are welcome in Turkey (in my opinion) are:

(1) People who aim for a decent education and study hard for it.

(2) People who contribute to Turkey positively. (Academic success, investment etc.)

(3) People who are fluent in at least English.

(4) People who respect the country’s laws and customs.

(5) People who adapt to Turkey’s lifestyle and don’t try to impose their own culture in Turkey.

So as you can see the only refugees who are welcome in Turkey are those handpicked by Europeans.

Also, it is not complicated. Everybody is welcome in Turkey. You can check the Bosnians, Syrians, and many more. Turkey has the most refugees in the world. Turkey has the most refugees followed by Jordan. I also want to say the Turkish economy is not in a good shape since the early 2010s. The reason they don't want any more refugees is not because of hate, but they cannot handle much more. Unemployment is too high.

Long story short; Turkey doesn't have enough money to take care of refugees. Anybody that goes there and makes investments is respected there. Also, children and women are welcomed there, while men are another story.

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