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Should David Umahi Return to PDP Now that APC Has Reportedly Rejected Igbo Presidency in 2023?

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The signs were all there from the beginning, but Governor David Umahi apparently didn't see it. Now, the Ebonyi state governor is face to face with reality as it has been revealed that the All Progressives Congress is not so keen on Igbo Presidency in 2023.

This reality was brought to the fore in a recent interview by an APC chieftain Salihu Tanko Yakasai, who lambasted Umahi over his comment that APC will zone it presidential to the South East. 

In a Punch Newspaper report, the former aide to Kano State Governor alluded to the fact that Umahi may have been deceived if the motive of his defection to APC was to become President.

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Yakasai revealed that the party is leaning towards the Southwest in its presidency. This means that Umahi cannot realise his presidential ambition in APC.

So the question is what should the Ebonyi State Governor do now that it has become obvious that the Igbo presidency in APC is a closed debate? Should he return to People Democratic Party?

Should Umahi Return to PDP?

This question becomes relevant because the overriding motive of Umahi's defection from PDP was so that he can become president.

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Umahi alluded to this during his maiden press conference as an APC governor when he said that he quitted PDP because it didn't commit to zoning the presidency to the South East in 2023. He also accused PDP of failing to reciprocate the sacrifices and loyalty of the Ndigbo since 1999.

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But now, Umahi is faced with the same problem he was running away from. In my opinion, I believe he should decamp back to the PDP. I will give a couple of reasons why.

Umahi may no longer be relevant in APC after the 2023 election

This is so because there is very little chance that APC will win Ebonyi Governorship in 2023. The state is still largely dominated by PDP at the grassroots despite Umahi's defection. If that becomes the case, Umahi will no longer have a strong political base that can make him relevant in APC. So based on this fact, he will be better off in PDP where he already has a structure.

He has a better chance to consolidate his political career in PDP

There is no doubt PDP played a massive role in Umahi's political trajectory. The party provided the ladder upon which he rose from being a mere politician to becoming PDP state chapter Chairman and then National Vice Chairman. He later became Deputy Governor and now Governor. 

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On this basis, a lot of people felt he betrayed the party by his defection. His rant against the PDP has not also helped matters.

This is probably why it might be difficult for him to return to PDP. But in politics, nothing is impossible (Femi Fani-Kayode proved that recently). All he needs is the right approach. He can start by reaching out to party leaders in PDP and reconciling with those he has hurt.

The PDP is the only party where Umahi can truly become a party chieftain post governorship and retain his respect and dignity as an ex-governor. Also he has a better chance to win future elections, possibly to the Senate, on the platform of the PDP

Do you think Umahi should return to PDP? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. While you are at it, also like and share the story so that others can comment too.

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