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Opinion: Why you should stop online begging

This particular table has remained unshaken for a long time is beginning to become stronger. Online begging has become a thing that people now do on a normal basis which should not be so. I must say, it's a very bad habit that should be stopped because it's getting out of hand.

Recently I've noticed on several social media platforms that people now delight in begging under comment sections especially under the comment sections of celebrities. Personally, I find it very irritating. Here are a few screenshots.

The two screenshots above, I've seen them on two pages. This is just not a good image to put across to people.

Below are the reasons you should stop online begging.

1) It sends out the message that you are lazy.

The message you are sending across to people is nothing but, "give me money, I don't want to work but I want to eat", which is equal to laziness.

2) It sends out the message that you lack initiative.

You have money to buy data and write comments but you can't save up to start a small business. Even a sachet water vendor is better than you who is begging. Be creative. Start a business. Stop begging. You are equivalent to the person sitting by the road side to beg, just that you are more fortunate to have a phone that can access the internet.

3) It sends out the message that you are not someone that is willing to grow.

If you are guilty of this, please stop it. GO AND WORK!

What do you think about this? Let me know in the comment section below. Don't forget to like and share this as well. You can check out my page for more interesting contents or you can simply follow.

Stay safe. Thank you 😘.

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