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An Open Letter to The INEC Chairman Concerning the Forth Coming 2023 Elections

Dear Mahmood Yakubu

With respect to the recent catastrophes Nigeria has had in the previous elections, I write this letter. I humbly respect your office and the fact that you have been doing everything in your power to stem down partiality and to uphold truth, justice and fairness. Your previous administration as regards the last elections held in Nigeria has really spoken well of you. This means that you are not doing bad in your job.

However, there are some flaws I want to point out in this electoral processes. After exposing them, I would proffer a solution which I think would put a 99% stop to these problems. Most Nigerians would agree with me when I say that these are the problems that the electoral system is always facing. Every 4 years, they rise up their ugly heads to rob this nation of the free and fair election it deserves. You may be familiar with them but for the sake of clarity, they are:

1. The Problem of Ballot Snatching or Election Rigging:

This trend has been an age long practice in Nigeria. It always seems as if the elections cannot do without it. Every 4 years, you always hear of one form of election rigging or the other. Some wood-lumps whose business is to snatch these boxes are now seeing it as a profession because research has shown that they are getting stronger every year. Therefore, this is one problem I want you to identify and put in your priority list. As I said earlier, I would dish out my solution after the fourth problem and I would make you see reasons why this solution is the best one. With this, I move to the second problem.

2. The Problem of Killing:

Personally, I have never seen an election in Nigeria where you don't hear of one form of violence or the other. The destruction of life has now become a public trend every 4 years. If I could recall firmly, I watched a news update about 2 years ago, precisely in the last presidential elections, where a youth who was going to vote for the first time in his life was shot dead by a straight bullet. I saw the mother of this child shedding tears. It was truly a sorrowful moment in her life. Now, who would want to vote again considering the fact that they saw this kind of incident. It certainly shows that if this kind of trend goes on, people would loose the interest of voting because they would want to save their lives first.

3. The Problem of Trekking:

We all know that during the elections, all cars are prohibited from moving on the streets. As a consequence, people are left with the option to trek to their respective voting centers before they can cast their votes. Those ones who have their voting centers far away from their houses are forced to travel long distances before they can cast their vote. This long travel has no doubt left a mark of tiredness and lack of interest. It may even surprise you to know that some of them may even give up on the voting process knowing the fact that they have to travel a long distance and also stand on a long cue before casting their votes. Therefore, I think that this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

4. The Problem of Late Arrival of Polling Officials:

Many times have I seen it in the news where a polling official would be coming to the center by 2 PM whereas voting was supposed to start by 8 AM. He or she would probably have kept a lot of people waiting in the sun for a long period of time. We know that some of these people are elderly and so keeping them for that long is not something ideal to the mine. They need rest more than the young ones and so they have to vote in time so that they can go and observe that rest that they deserve. If we delay the time, we are delaying that rest and in turn doing their bodies a lot of harm. Therefore, I think that this issue should be considered.

Having discussed these problems, here is my solution. I propose that the government through the Independent National Electoral Commission, I.N.E.C, adopt the principle and process of electronic or online voting. This process should be done in a way that your vote should be sent along side a unique code. The unique code could be something like your N.I.N or your B.V.N. This unique code would prevent any case of multiple voting because you have to type it in before you can vote. And since the system has already registered one vote for the N.I.N, there is no way the system can accept another as long as that is what is in its programming.

The importance of this process cannot be over emphasized but I would list some of them out for you:

1. It would eliminate any form of violence:

The only time armed robbers or assassins can kill is when they see people. If there are no people, it is useless. This is why we have to adopt this method. Because when we vote electronically, we can stay in our homes without fear of any form of violence whatsoever coming close to us. This way, we have eliminated the trend of violence during the elections.

2. Election Rigging Would be Cut Down:

With the electronic voting, the menace of election rigging would be eliminated once and for all. How is this possible? Well, the fact lies in employing trust worthy personnel, possibly outsiders who would do the programming of the system. These personnel would be in charge of the system and in any case of partiality, we would know who to blame because these persons are the ones that would be called out first.

3. It would reduce trekking

4. It would eliminate anything like African man time because it is they system that performs the operations and not people.

From a concerned member of the public.

Lastly, all Images used in this article are gotten from Google images.

Thanks for Reading!

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