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Check out the response of Oba Ogunwusi to allegations of Sunday Igboho

The Ooni of Ife, Enitan Ogunwusi, has concluded that the remarks made against him by the acclaimed Yoruba warlord, Sunday Adeyemo, prominently known as Sunday Igboho, as a lie.  

In a restrictive phone mewrongs, Mr Ogunwusi, who talked through his representative, Moses Olafare, said the royal residence was not prepared to draw in Mr Adeyemo officially on the matter yet the issue of the danger of brutality against the ruler would be taken care of suitably. 

Mr Adeyemo, while participating in a virtual official event on Wednesday morning with Nigerians in the diaspora, assaulted some South west pioneers including the previous Lagos State lead representative, Bola Tinubu, Oyo State lead representative, Seyi Makinde, and conventional rulers including the Oluwo of Iwo, Abdulrasheed Akanbi, and the Ooni. 

He blamed the Ooni for accepting dollars from President Muhammadu Buhari when he visited the Presidential Villa as of late and denounced the ruler's remarks while tending to the media at the estate. 

Sunday Igboho depicted the Yoruba chiefs as lily livered and called them Fulani slaves.  He likewise took steps to waylay, open fire on them or visit and vandalize their properties. 

Response of Ogunwusi

The ruler said no evident Yoruba child or girl would talk in such a way as Mr Adeyemo has spoken, saying his direct and demeanor cast question on his actual goal in his self-outfitted duty of protecting the Yorubas.

The Ooni's representative, Mr Olafare, said Mr Adeyemo was going over the edge in his direct and that he ought not accept that he is greater than the specialists. 

He said; We have not offered any authority expressions on the matter and the matter doesn't actually sound good to us. In the event that someone who distinguishes himself with the reason for Yoruba could be talking thusly about the Ooni who is undeniably an otherworldly top of the race, at that point one should puzzle over whether the individual has been addressing us really. It offers space to individuals to presume your thought process.

He made some entirely unreliable claims. You know when you make charges that you can't back up with proof, that can just depict you as an untrustworthy man. In the event that you make unwarranted charges and, at that point you need to utilize claims to additionally legitimize your cases as the generalissimo of the race, it is up to the general population. It's so deplorable, in the event that you say the Ooni has gathered cash, I anticipated that him should show proof. You say he has gathered dollars. Flighty claim is reckless charge in the event that you can't back up whatever you assert with adequate proof, Mr Olafare said. 

He added that the help of individuals Mr Adeyemo is presently getting a charge out of in his attack against certain lawbreakers that have penetrated the South-west isn't out of the blues. He, notwithstanding, forewarned him against careless remarks and charges, saying they don't depict him as a refined Yoruba man with virtues and excellencies. 

"In case you're accomplishing something and individuals are hailing you, I don't think you need to permit that credit to get into your head and begin to get rowdy. On the off chance that you could open your mouth and call Ooni such unprintable names that you called him, that shows the sort of Yoruba man that you are. I don't perceive any explanation that will cause me to portray a Baale, who is of lower rank on the conventional rulers positioning, with such unprintable names. On the off chance that I can't do that to a Baale, for what reason would it be a good idea for me to say something like this to an Ooni? It's bad. It doesn't depict anyone as an Omoluabi, as a man of Yoruba ethics and qualities. 

Regardless, in case you're battling for the freedom of individuals, this is an obligation that is self-outfitted, you decide to and for you to succeed, you need the very individuals that you're addressing, else you would not succeed. Is this the manner in which you will get the help of individuals you're addressing when you begin assaulting similar individuals? Individuals will pull out, that is simply it. If you like it, a few people are following you due to that equivalent Ooni. They will retreat.

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