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Words Of Obasanjo In 2017 That Could Educate Nnamdi Kanu And Other Separatists Of Today To Drop Agitations

Although humans take series of decisions and actions based on instincts, yet there are certain things that could be done by virtue of words. It is a known fact that inspirations towards actions could be triggered via words. This speculation has led to the subject of this article which features to present a throwback of Obasanjo's words in 2017 that could be an inspiration for him to meet and educate present day separatists.

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Sometime in the year 2017, former president Olusegun Obasanjo had an interview with Newsweek Magazine and in the course of the interview, he made heartwarming statements regarding to Biafra war in relation to Nnamdi Kanu's agitations at that time. In the same vein, he expressed his unquenchable desire to meet with Kanu alongside with other separatists across the country in order to admonish them on the need to keep secession by the side and embrace unity in the country.

In the light of this throwback, here are the words of Obasanjo that could inspire him to meet separatists of today and teach them to embrace unity.

1. Obasanjo's highlight on civil war.

"Those who fought in the war in Biafra will not want to fight any other war. I fought in that war and it was an unfortunate war and I said I had fought one war too many in Nigeria; I don’t want to see another," he said. This is indeed a motivating statement that could inspire Obasanjo as a patriotic leader to meet Kanu and other separatists informing them of his experiences during the war and encouraging them to drop their agitation.

1967-1970 civil war was indeed an unpleasant experience and as Obasanjo had stated in 2017 that he doesn't want to witness another war, he could be inspired to meet Kanu and other agitators across the country to quench the fire that may lead to another war.

Photo: civil war witnesses

2. His earlier desire to meet Kanu and others.

"I would want to meet Kanu myself and talk to people like him, people of his age, (and ask) ‘What are your worries?’ Not only from the South-east but from all parts of Nigeria," he said.

Photo credit: Nairaland Forum

Reiterating on Obasanjo's earlier desire in 2017 to meet Nnamdi Kanu and other separatists, he could find it inspirational to do so at this time where present day agitations have risen to a displeasing level. At this time where some Nigerian youths in the South East have chosen to be violent under the umbrella of secession, Obasanjo could be inspired to accomplish the need to meet Nnamdi Kanu & other separatists in order to restore peace through strategic admonishments.

SOURCE: Premium Times

What do you have to say regarding to Obasanjo's desire to restore peace and unity?

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