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Opinion: If PDP Choose Her Presidential Candidate From The North, APC Might Go For South South

The permutations for the Presidential candidate in both All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has begun, the PDP had been rumored to have zoned its Presidential slot to the North. This is a permutation that will sell because the largest voters in Nigeria are people from the North. But PDP needs to be careful. Their interest or choice of candidate will largely depend on the Ethnic, religious, and geographical location of the aspirants.

The truth is that, if PDP gives her presidential ticket to the North and the South-east accepts to be Vice President, while APC picks hers from the South-west, many Northerners in APC will likely work for the PDP. Millions of ordinary voters in the North will vote for a Northern candidate as well. The candidate might not be Atiku nor Kwankwaso, but a PDP president with many APC Governors in 2023.

It is obvious, Tinubu is no longer the issue in APC's presidential ticket, they won't give it to him. PDP is in disarray and making a dangerous move to still the show (fielding a Northern candidate). The Igbos should get the APC's slot but the Southeast is not some big guy's favorite, leaving South-south for the pick. Do you think Amaechi will make it, to kill the Igbo sentiment (he is Igbo)? GEJ has been milling around the presidency for a long now, do you think that he is being persuaded to join the race under APC?

Although some political analysts have opined that any political arrangement today, that prioritizes the presidential candidature of a northerner is a similitude to what the medics call "dead on arrival". The south is as much a critical stakeholder in the Nigerian political equation as the north. It is erroneous to believe that it is the north that determines who becomes the president of Nigeria.

In 2011, we are living witnesses to the consequences of Tinubu's withdrawal of his support for PMB. We also saw what happened in 2015. Many Nigerians in 2023 will be less concerned about party affiliation (APC/PDP). Although, in this political unrest where every region in the Southern part of the country clamoring for secession, it's outrageous for the north should still craving for the presidency in 2023.

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