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Words to use to avoid insult (POLITE WORDS)

They are many polite word we should use, eg. Sorry when you hurt someone, is a pity when you want to express your feeling to an injured person, thanks when gifted or to appreciate something etc.

People do think they are insulted because of no reason, it depends on how you carry yourself, some words matter. Using polite words create and give respect and unexpected respect.

When you are being insulted by a senior you shouldn't return the insult right back yo the sender but appreciate the insult with a polite word eg. You are stupid Michael, ok ma thanks for the insult, am really sorry.

Have you been scolded when you dont know your actually offence :

This are what to do during that kind of the situation.

1.Make sure you don't reply when the person scolding is talking, reply only when your given chance to.

2.Don't behave as if your not interested in a what the person is saying cause that looks like an insult, so be careful

3.Pay full attention to him or her and make sure you say your sorry before complying.

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