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Opinion: Igbos Should Perish Their Thoughts About Biafra And Focus On Achieving 2023 Igbo Presidency

The 2023 presidential election is fast approaching and certain ethnic regions in the country has already began the strive in anticipation to collect the presidential ticket and produce the next president of the country who would particularly come from that very region come 2023. We all are aware about the ongoing preparations and endorsement for the prominent Yoruba personality, and elder statesman who is also an influential political figure in the country, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to emerge the next president of the country, as he seem to have acquired most of the support that he needs from the APC party in order to contest.

Away from that, one couldn't be mistaken when one says that this very issue of 2023 presidency doesn't seem to be a top priority for the Igbos, as the quest for secession which was brought up by Nnamdi Kanu, seem to have engulfed them. As an Igbo man who had stood and experienced history about how the Igbos has always contested and wished for an Igbo presidency, I would say that this is the very right moment which they would need to apply such pressure just like how the Yorubas has already produced Tinubu.

However, I believe that this is the right opportunity for the Igbos to participate and take over the presidency as they had always wished, and pending on the fact that other regions are doing the same, but this very ongoing Biafra agitation seem to have deviated our attention from focusing on that which is more important.

So in my final statement following through this submission and with the knowledge that you have gained an insight of what I am trying to emphasize on, I will urge the Igbos to perish the thoughts about achieving Biafra and divert their strength, attention and time towards ensuring that they produce a credible igbo candidate who will contest for the 2023 Igbo presidency. In this way, their opinions will be heard and considered, furthermore according to my own thinking and mindset, I strongly believe that the effect of the agitation might lessen if not brought to an end, as a represent democracy will ensure it's possibility.

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