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Know Your Duties Today As A Nigerian Citizen

Nigerians are always looking forward to what the country gives to them. They anticipate how they can benefit from the country. No one ever cares to know what the country, in turn, requires or needs from them. 

Most citizens also fail to understand the reason why the police always harass them. At times, it is as a result of their total disregard of their duties as lawful citizens.

Just imagine that you received a hot slap from an officer for throwing waste bin on the road. You then take it that the policeman had no right to slap you. That he is trying to intimidate you because he is on the uniform. No, my dear, you are getting it all wrong. Do not feel bad about that.

Just ask yourself the reason why you were slapped? Well, I guess It is because you failed to keep your environment clean which the law requires of you as a citizen and it warranted such an embarrassment.

The duty we owe our community did not start today. It started from the creation of man. Remember Gen 2 vs 20; where God had instructed Adam to name all the animals in the Garden of Eden and same Gen 2 vs 15; where God placed Adam to watch over the Garden of Eden.  

Having said this, the word "Duty", simply means a moral or legal obligation that is required or expected of an individual in a country. It can also mean an instruction to be carried on.

From our very own constitution, under section 24, the following are the duties every Nigerian owes this great country:

1. Duty to abide by the constitution and other laws.

Under this duty, every Nigerian is expected to obey all the laws of the country. It employs them to be law-abiding in all ramifications.

2. Duty to respect the National flag and the National anthem.

Many Nigerians are fond of using the National flag carelessly without any respect for it. They flaunt Government orders without hesitation. Miscreants indulge in setting the Nigerian flag ablaze during their political rampage. This act does not speak well of you as a citizen. Please desist to avoid the police coming in search of you.

3. Duty to render any National service as may be required of you.

National Youth Service Corps can be seen as a national service in this regard. If you are in the military, National service involves fighting and defending your country Nigeria against external forces. Saying you do not want to fight in this regard means that you have failed in your duty as a military officer. Same applies to other people in diverse sectors of the economy or country.

4. Duty to live in peace, unity and harmony with one another.

As a Nigerian citizen, the law requires you to be at peace with your neighbours. Shun quarrels shun malice and fighting. 

5. Duty to render assistance to appropriate lawful agencies in the maintenance of law and order.

Most Nigerians are used to hiding and harbouring criminals from been caught by the law enforcement agency. At times they do it out of sympathy. If you are a boy, lady, mother, father or relative that indulges in hiding a criminal that has been declared wanted please desist and hand them over to the police. You will be in gross disobedient to your beloved country if you do the contrary. If you are eventually caught, you would be labelled an accomplice or an ‘accessory after the fact’ and charged to court accordingly.

6. Duty to pay tax. 

Paying of tax is something you should do as a Nigerian citizen. The law instructs you to do that. These taxes you pay are what are used to build roads, schools, hospitals, recreational facilities, provide pipe-borne water, electricity etc. The benefits you enjoy for paying your tax are enormous. It is your duty, so I employ you to start paying your tax now if you were reluctant in doing so before. 

Dear esteem readers; please endeavour to observe all these. This is what you owe your beloved country Nigeria.

Share this article to friends, families, neighbours as it would educate them on their duties as citizens of this great country.

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