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Between Police Finest And Army Finest, Who Looks More Cute?

The Nigerian police is really trying to make things better in the country, though there are bad eggs among the police, there are still some great and professional policemen who do their work professionally without bribery and corruption.

There are lots of policemen who have given up loads of things so as not to defile or soil the uniform they wear with things that are unseemly.

Despite the rigors the work of the police entails, there have been men who have given attention to their looks and fitness. As it is a known fact that the work is not just about shooting and shouting, it is mainly about fitness. An unfit person can't over power rigged criminals, hence, the need for the police personnel to look good and gallant.

In the same vein, the Army is well trained and skilled in the field of combating and launching attack against the enemy of the nation. They are trained to keep to the ethics of the profession, though few go over board, many still remain within the scope of the training given to them.

Soldiers go into thick forest to battle the enemies, just as they go after Boko Haram bandits and other crimes. Despite this we have many handsome looking soldiers who are good looking and collected.

Between Police Finest And Army Finest, Who Looks More Cute?

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