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All You Need to Know About President Buhari's Personal Protection Force.

The presidential guard brigade is a military unit saddled with the sole responsibility of protecting the president.They are president Muhammadu Buhari's personal protection force.

A military unit which is made up of elite Nigerian soldiers who operates outside the conventional framework of the Nigerian army.

They guard the residence of the president in the aso Villa,protect his guest and also perform ceremonial duties.

They are the ones who performs the duty of raising and lowering the national flag at ceremonies and parades. They are made up of men and women.

As controversial as this may sound,the residence of Nigeria's president is one of the most heavily guarded places in the world with about five thousands armed guards.

Unless you are invited,it is a dead impossible mission for anyone to enter. They have a combat formation somewhat like the American Secret Service.

While researching this,I kept thinking of what it would take to join this force of beautifully decorated guards. What about you?

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