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Ezumoha: Prioritise job creation in Imo state while constructing roads

Chief Poly C Ezumoha has rued the unemployment rate in Imo state. The fiery critic of past and present governments in Imo state has once again admonished the Imo state government to take the soaring unemployment crisis serious.

In a statement the Imo Chieftain who doubles as the leader of Imo Network Group and the founder of The Doable Team released Tuesday on his social media handle PolySamez said "Good roads are no doubt important infrastructure, but it becomes unimpressive, and depicts failure of governance and leadership if those that use the roads do that on empty stomachs and pockets. There needs to be a balance to all the variables in development templates, of which creating jobs that give gainful employment is one of the variables in the template".

He further said that the state government concentrates its road construction only in the urban areas, neglecting the hinterlands which is a misnomer "Concentrating governance on the areas that impress and neglecting the critical areas that promote life expectancy levels is bad governance. Worst still, concentrating the roads at Urban centres of the State capitals with rural communities groaning in penury due to lack of amenities and not even having access to the so called roads being commissioned with the funfares require further rethink of the plans and development strategies in place". 

The Imo state Governor Hope Uzodimma has reconstructed some roads within the metropolis to the admiration of many within the state.

It is on record by the Bureau of statistics that the unemployment in Nigeria is soaring and Imo state has a large percentage of unemployed youths.

All hands must come together to fight this scourge.

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