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Say These Good Night Prayers Before You Go To Bed Tonight (17/04/2021)

Jehovah shalom,our prince of peace. Jehovah Jireh, God our provider. Thank you for granting us tremendous success, in all our activities and tasks today, be magnified for ever.. tonight, I command whatever the enemies is hiding in any part of your body, soul and spirit, shall catch fire now in the name of Jesus Christ... Every power eagerly hunting and searching for your destiny and glory, shall be roasted with fire. The supernatural power of God, shall destabilise every evil and demonic plans and agenda against your family tonight. Every demon responsible for depositing sickness, sorrow, bitterness and evil in to lives through evil dreams, shall be roasted with fire... Every evil plant of Wickedness causing sickness, reproach, challenges and Problems in your life and family,are hereby terminated by fire in Jesus'name.. the Lord of host shall prosper your family beyond the widest imagination of men . I command the warrior angels of God,to pursue and destroy all your pursuers by fire.. wherever, the band of wickedness gather to launch any form of attack against your family tonight, shall be crushed by fire in Jesus'name... I command your destiny and glory shall shine beyond human expectations. Your Breakthrough, Success, uplifting and favour shall manifest and multiply without hinderance. I decree, all your glory, destiny, Blessings and benefits under the yoke and bondage of wickedness,shall be released totally by fire tonight... tonight,the Lord will open the doors of greatness, Miracles and testimony unto your family unhindered. I command, every strange objects and seeds of the enemies hiding in any part of your family, shall be crushed by fire in the name of Jesus Christ.... Whatever the enemies are using to represent your destiny in their camp, shall be consumed with fire tonight... People you know and those you don't know shall remember to help and assist your family. Whatever the wicked ones have planted or deposited in your life and family to disgrace you, shall turn to your greatest testimony. I dispatch the heavenly angels to ahead tonight and minister unto your destiny helpers in Jesus'name.. the Lord will establish your family in to a new Covenant tonight. I command,you shall not be a candidate of struggling, suffering and sweating without results.... As many that have mocked you and your family in past shall begin to rejoice and celebrate with you. I decree, your life, phycially, spiritually, maritally, financially and emotionally shall move from minimum level to maximum realm in the name of Jesus Christ..... I command the host of heaven, shall waste all your enemies tonight with fire... Every evil and satanic fingers pointed against your destiny and glory, shall dry up by fire....these we ask in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.....

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Jehovah Jehovah Jireh Jesus Christ


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