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Independence Day 2021: The Nigeria Of My Dream

I dream of a country where peace, unity, harmony and orderliness reigns; a country where there is no warband killings; where people are free to live in any part of Nigeria without fear; where employment opportunities are easy and free; and where goverment thinks, caters and provides for the people.

Nigeria of my dream is a place where corruption will be stopped, starting from individual to corporations and governments at all level; where there are equal opportunities for both the poor and the rich; and where the voice of the poor and masses will be heard and not suppressed.

The Nigeria of my dream is a country where agriculture is taken more seriously and given its place of pride; where Nigeria be one the most attractive tourist centre in the world and where the education sector is greatly improved. A country where the government pays attention to the economy and where it will be transformed to a paradise on earth.

I dream of a better Nigeria where there would be more strikes from both the academic and non-academic staff of our universities. I dream of a Nigerian where goverment will take the people seriously in formulation of policies and programmes.

Nigeria of my dream is where all citizens have access to quality health care; where citizens don't depend on traveling abroad for medical attention and checkup; and where individuals work together for the growth of the country.

Nigeria of my dream is a country where there is no war; we have to protect our hard-earned freedom. The Nigeria of my dream will follow the policy of truth and non-violence. A Nigeria where there is no insurgency, kidnapping and banditry.

I dream of Nigeria where politicians are not greedy or steal the country's money. My dream of Nigeria is a country where there electricity supply is uninterrupted.

Happy independence day.

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Independence Day Nigeria


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