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Npower protest - The success, failure and hope for entire beneficiaries in Nigeria

It was actually recommended that the president of the federal Republic of Nigeria ,President Muhammadu Buhari has in several occasions repeated that his administration is ready to reduce numbers of unemployed youth, kick-out corruption and end insecurity challenges particularly in northern part of Nigeria .

In his action to achieve the above three promise of Jobless, Insecurity and corruption .The Government has designed Npower program under the National Social Investment program .Through the Npower scheme there are over 500,000 beneficiaries who are assigned to work and get paid .The monthly stipend of N30,000 is paid to all volunteers.

As the program was successful the president decided to moved the program into the new ministry Of Humanitarian Affairs ,Disaster Management And Social Development. As the Npower beneficiaries jubilated over the new development but the recent action of disengagement saga has put thousands of the Npower beneficiaries into fear over their feature in Nigeria .

However, As the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management And Social Development decided to dump 500,000 Npower beneficiaries .The Npower representatives of the 36 states in Nigeria decided to come out for peaceful protest due to the following reason.

1.They need Npower permanent job as they served over three years .they don’t need exist package but to be a permanent Job workers in Nigeria .

2. Npower feature.

3.Delay in payment and backlog for thousands of the Npower volunteers in Nigeria

The above mentioned reason is the main purpose of Npower protest as said by one Npower beneficiary.

The success of the protest .The Npower beneficiaries in Abuja has in yesterday protested for the sudden disengagement without proper plan. The beneficiaries who are from the two batches of A and B has expressed their concern over the sudden exist ,delay in payment, backlog as well as permanency . The protest was conducted successfully in Abuja. Here are the pictures of Npower beneficiaries protested in Abuja.

On the other hand ,there is failure for Npower beneficiaries protest as in some states like Northwest region of Kano state ,Katsina and Jigawa state Npower volunteers failed to joined nationwide protest .Some of the beneficiaries complained that there is  lack of unity .The Npower northwest coordinators must unite for better feature . We know that you can’t fight government but concerning the Democratic government the citizens has a right to demonstrate his feeling and seek help from government over his right.

The Hope for Npower protest .For sure , there is hope for yesterday protest as the federal government may structure the exist package plan .More important the law makers will know the current situation of the teamed 500,000 youth in Nigeria . And its left for them to pass Npower permanent bill to set a new record or they should allow them to start it over in the labour market. This is the right time for all law makers to react and take necessary action on the disengagement of Npower beneficiaries in Nigeria .Are they skilled to give them GEEP loan to start a new business? Or is it crime to employ sons of poorer into the Federal Civil service commission to give their contributions in Nigeria ?

Content created and supplied by: S.Hamis (via Opera News )

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