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Meet The Beautiful Woman Who is The First Lady Of Two Different Countries (Photos)

Most people will be marvelled by the story of a woman who's this first lady of two different countries and would be wondering and curious how possible it is for such to happen or be in existence. But don't fret I'll be revealing to you how it happened, but before we go into details, let's take a brief look about his biography.

Before we take a look at his biography a lot of people who do not know her might be thinking a lot of things, if perhaps she married them at the same time by practising what it's called Polyandry, but not she didn't and she presently remain the only woman in modern history to have served as First Lady of two countries. And this could only happen when one marries two presidents as husband.

Who is Graca Machel

Graça Machel DBE HonFBA is a Mozambican politician and humanitarian. born on17th of October 1945. She is the widow of both former presidents of Mozambique and South Africa, Mozambican president Samora Machel and South African president Nelson Mandela.  

Machel is an international advocate for women's and children's rights and was made an honorary British Dame by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997 for her humanitarian work. She is the only woman in modern history to have served as First Lady of two countries.

Without bugging you much the 75 years old is a very famous person with vast knowledge of politics, she first got married to Mozambican president Samora Machel in 1975 who then was the first president of Mozambique. Together they had two children, a son and a daughter, Her then husband Samora Machel died in office in 1986.

Twelve years after, the former chancellor of the University of Capetown between 1999 and 2019 married her second husband, Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg on 18 July 1998, which happened to be on Mandela's 80th birthday. After he had separated from his former wife Winnie in April 1992 and the two were divorced in March 1996.

Graca Machel has won series of honours and recognitions that we can't even mention all, but definitely she is a very powerful woman that one will be forced to reckon with.

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Mozambican Mozambique Nelson Mandela. Samora Machel South Africa


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