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Kanye West May Become American President, Name To Appear On The Ballot

American rapper, Kanye West has made an official move to his presidential ambition after spending the $35,000 fee and meeting the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) criteria to run for the highest office in the United States.

The United States of America will go the polls in November to elect a new President, and the two top candidates are the incumbent, Donald Trump, and a former Vice President, Joe Biden.

Kanye West had in a tweet indicated his interest to contest in the election, however, he was not taken seriously by the majority of people.

On Thursday, July 16, the rap billionaire who is married to reality TV star, Kim Kardashian filed both Federal Election Commission’s forms required to run for President and has also made it to the ballot in the State of Oklahoma.

The State Election Board in Oklahoma received a notarized document on Wednesday from West’s campaign declaring his candidacy for president as an independent, Daily Mail reports.

The State requires a $35,000 fee for a person to run as an Independent candidate which the state election committee confirmed that the rapper had fulfilled before the dateline on Wednesday.

This means that Kanye West’s name would appear on the ballot as a presidential candidate in several states in the US.

Reactions have trailed the unprecedented move by Kanye West to file paperwork for his presidential ambition.

Someone wrote on Twitter, “Kanye West’s move today is just an example of what not to let happen again just because someone has alot of money. Now those numbskulls in Oklahoma they know dam well that Kanye West is not qualified to run for the president of the United States.

“Just goes to show you what people won’t do for money. Whoever took Kanye’s money should be charged with a crime. That’s all we need is another mental case.”

Kanye West is married to TV Star, Kim Kardashian [Instagram]

Another Twiter user wrote, “I really hope that soon all this Kanye West for president crap goes away. the very last thing in the world this country needs is a rapper as a president who knows nothing about politics. we need a leader, not a politician but a leader to bring this country back to where it belongs.”

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