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Practical Exercise To Backfire Evil Curses And Manipulations Of The Wicked

With these practical spiritual exercise you can backfire the evil curses and manipulations of the wicked;

You might be experiencing some difficulties in your life without being able to explain the cause. Most challenges we face is as a result of envy and jealousy of people we consider to be our friend and even family members.

I just want you to know that the only one worthy of your trust is God. Your problems, if external, can be traced to anyone.

There are several items that will be needful in achieving this exercise. Namely; sand, water, salt, kolanut, alligator pepper and transparent glass.

Before you carry out these spiritual exercise, make sure you are clean and free from guilt and sin. And say these prayers with faith.

These Are The Items You Need For The Spiritual Exercise:

1. Salt

2. Water

3. Sand

4. Transparent glass cup

5. Native Alligator Pepper

6. Native kola nut

* Instruction: This should be done outdoors.

* Take half glass of water and add one tea spoon of salt and sand into the water.

* Hold your hands around the glass cup when saying these declarations.

* These declarations should be done wholeheartedly during the early sun rise, facing the east.

* Put seven seeds of native alligator pepper and one part of the 4 piece kolanut in your mouth and chew together while saying these declarations;

* I combine the elementary forces of nature to judge my case this day. As I'm innocent and hold no grudges against anyone, fight my battles.

* Anyone wishing me bad will never see good as long as he or she use salt, water or steps on sand from this day onwards.

* Any evil court that is judging my case will be destroyed as long as they are located in the air, land or waters.

* Any man that is after my downfall, laying unwarranted curses on me shall never know peace as long as he use any of these elements of nature.

* Any evil arrows of the wicked channeled against my life will backfire.

* As I step out this day, every element of nature represented by the sand, water and salt shall favour me. Anything contrary to my favour will go back where it came from.

* Shame and disgrace will be the portion of my enemies. The day they conceive and plan evil against me, they shall confess in public as a result of their use of these elements.

* I seal these prayers with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Note: Do not swallow the native alligator pepper and kolanut in your mouth. Pour the mixture in the glass cup and the one in your mouth out on a sandy ground.

You can keep your glass cup when through with the exercise. Through faith in Christ Jesus you shall be victorious.

Like, share and follow this channel for more divine prayers... You are blessed beyond demonic possession and manipulation in Jesus Christ mighty name... Amen.

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