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How Should President Buhari And Governor Aminu React To The Attack By Bandits In Katsina State?

Yesterday, reports came out that a village in Kankara local government, Katsina was attacked by bandits. How do you think President Buhari and Governor Aminu should react to this attack?

Bandits in Nigeria seems to be becoming more brave everyday, as they have graduated from attacking local areas, to attacking important areas, like educational centres, and so on.

Everyone is only guessing where these bandits will attack next, as nobody is aware of where it will be. We can only hope that the bandits will not have any luck when they are about to attack another area.

Everybody is waiting to see how President Buhari will react to this recent attack launched on Katsina State since it is his home state. The governor of Katsina State is yet to say anything about the attack also.

It is clear now that bandits are not favouring anybody irrespective of their tribes and religious backgrounds. They are attacking any area, and killing anyone they feel like killing.

If President Muhammadu Buhari is going to react to this, I think he should let this serve as a catalyst, and he should take desperate steps to stop these bandits.

Some prominent figures are already suggesting that President Buhari should declare lockdown in affected states in Northern areas. It seems like a good step.

After Buhari has declared lockdown in the Northern states, the military and other armed forces should take charge, mobilize to different areas, and some others should mobilize and try to find out bandits hideout.

One of the best ways to counter kidnappers and bandits is to set baits. Buhari should try to mobilize a tactical team, and make them come up with ways which they can use to deceive bandits, trap them, and arrest them.

Bandits are becoming a major threat to lives and properties in Nigeria. Desperate measures need to be taken by the federal government and state governments to stop their activities.

What do you think?

. How do you think Buhari should handle this?

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