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Opinion: Even The USA Government Won't Dare To Start A War With China Knowing This.

With the current situation with China, China has been one of the best country in the past few years when it comes to production. The Chinese government have so far help both the poor Indians and others with quality and affordable foods stuffs and it has been helping both in Nigeria.

Since the rule of xi jinping as the president of China, both China and America have dared them self's both on trade fare and technology, in most peoples mind, American can crush China in a day, but once you get to know this,you will understand that it is either they start the world war or China will crush America.

The the last few years, the Chinese government has been at the top both on technology and military equipment, when I said China will crush America here are my reasons.

China so far has the best missile defense systems in the world right now

Missile defense system are equipments of warfare used to shield a country against income nuclear weapons ,missile or aircraft.

With their best and accurate missile defense system I don't think America will beat them.

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