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The Power of Unity in the Progress of a Nation

There is nothing as mysterious as the mystery of unity. Unity has gone a farther trip in mending the wall of shattered human destinies. Bringing to view the case of a bunch of brooms, the reality of unity becomes highly discernible. For what a bunch of broom will achieve in sweeping the floor, a stick of broom can never achieve so in centuries to come. This undoubtedly establishes the mystery of unity.

One can not but emphasises the need for unity in Nigeria. It is therefore the responsibility of every Nigerians to stretch the hands of fellowship to one another notwithstanding gender, age, race, Creed , language and cultural background. Nigerians will undoubtedly reap bountifully from this innovative gesture and largese of unity, which is the most essential step in the attainment of progress and development.

Nigerian leaders should understand that there is nothing like unity. Peace and unity are essential ingredients of progress and development and this should be promoted and fostered. There are sponsored religious and ethnic crisis by the so called 'power brokers' in almost all the Regions of the country.

Religion and ethnicity should not be mingled with politics. The political affairs of any country, state or territory should not be dominated by a particular religion sect. Appointment into public offices should be done accordingly without discrimination of sex, religion, ethnic, region, background etc. The recent happenings in Nigeria where people of a particular tribe or religion see themselves as only benefactor of the wealth and resources of this country justifies my claim.

If we must have political stability, peace, progress and development, we must not 'ethnicised' or 'religionised' governance of this country.

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