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Top Africa countries with the strongest armed forces

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All countries have a great and strong Armed forces but the problem is the government how they spent on their armed forces matters.

A lot of countries got low military equipment which makes them ranked below others.

below are some of the countries in Africa that are ranked the top 10.

1. Egypt armed forces

Egypt armed forces has an estimated strength of 340,000 of which almost 200,000 are professionals.

2. Algeria armed forces

Algeria armed forces is enough for them to counter foreign and domestic threat, however Algeria armed forces are also arguably recognised to be one of the most professional and well trained militaries in both Africa and the Arab world.

3. South Africa

They was ranked as having the 32nd greatest military strength in the world.

4. Nigeria

Nigeria is ranked after south African, global world wide they are 43rd in military strength.

5. Angola armed forces

6. Morroco armed forces

7. Ethiopia armed forces

8. Directory republic of Congo

9. Sudan armed forces

10. Libya armed forces

from the countries listed above which country do you think supposed to be at the top ?

your opinions are also needed.

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