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(Opinion) Police Protect Politicians, And Rich Men Why Can't They Be Used To Protect Nigeria Schools

If ordinary individuals and politicians are protected by Policemen then why is it hard for Nigeria to secure it's schools with these security operatives? To realized that it's the police actual duty causes me pain a lot.

Individuals With Police As Escorts

It is sad to always wake up to disheartening and sorrowful news of our schools are being attacked and Students/pupils carted away in the process. Education is the major key to unlocking the massive poverty in Nigeria. If we must educate our young generation then it is pivotal and essential that they're secured.

Security is necessary not just for school students but for all citizens. This piece is centred on drawing the attention of the Public and government on the importance of security of the Nigeria schools. It's my humble believe that it's high time Nigerians demand for a secured and safe environment for their wards to learn comfortably.

The Government through the Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba, has clearly indicated that government could not secure every school in the country. If the Nigeria Policemen can secure Politicians and individuals (who's hand are well oiled), then it's time we need them for the job they were really employed for - securing the nation (importantly Nigerian School students).

Politicians With Police As Escorts

In some country there are some structures set up for the security of their school children. In USA, ballistic attack-resistant, smoke cannons as well as surveillance cameras are set up to serve as their security vices.

Nigeria has absolutely nothing set up to see that schools and their respective students are safe, rather the government has come out to solidly inform us of their inability to secure all schools. This statement is something I see as demeaning and offensive to Nigerians.

If the sorry state of our schools can be fixed, then we ought to realize that we call on this politicians to kindly secure it our Policemen. If they can be used as convoy for rich men, then the government owe us a duty to post them to schools to guarantee the safety of our students.

Nigeria Schools With Dilapidated Structures

What Schools should look like

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