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If Bola Tinubu Leaves APC, It Might Put An End To Their Relevancy In National Politics [Opinion]


Every progressive society definitely has some structures behind them which will in return make them stand well and gallant most especially in the face of oppression. It is very much rare for any Nigerian to say that he or she does not know APC, as it happens to be the most relevant party in Nigeria as at today. Their political stand is a well deserved one, as some individuals contributed immensely to it's present stake which makes it to be capable of moving mountains in the present day political dispensation. However, there is no way we can talk about the political stand of APC without giving due regards to Bola Tinubu, who happens to be the national leader of the party. His contribution to the present status of the party is such that cannot be swept beneath the carpet, as he is among the founding architects who designed the political movement of APC. Then with the situation of things, one can say that, 'If Bola Tinubu Leaves APC, It Might Put An End To Their Relavancy In National Politics' as his absence in the party might render the stake of the party invalid due to the fact that his capacity will equally accompany him which would significantly impact the stand of APC.

You will agree with me that if Bola Tinubu laves APC, he would be equally accompanied by many senators, governors, ministers, commissioners and other government office holders, as Bola Tinubu happens to be a politician who has his believers in most of Nigerian government 'parastatals'. He had successfully groomed individuals who now holds big stakes in the Nigerian government, hence with that it is always easy for him to put people into action, due to the fact that he is a leader who always nurture those who are loyal to him. While Bola Tinubu served as Lagos State governor, he appointed some people who are not even 'lagosians' as his commissioners, he also gave appointments to other politicians and open the room of sense of belonging to all. Bola Tinubu built a wide political network for himself and with that he easily achieves his aims and objectives when it comes to political dealings. Meanwhile, Adams Oshiomhole who happens to be the former national chairman of APC also gives due regards and pays loyalty to the political stakes of Bola Tinubu, and he might not also give it a second thought to decamp with Bola Tinubu if he eventually decides to leave APC.

Permit me to take you down memorially to 2015 election in Nigeria which brought Muhammadu Buhari into the limelight of democracy, as he was the one who unseated a ruling government 'PDP' which was ably led by Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. PDP ruled Nigeria for almost 16 years till the year 2015 in which APC took power from them. The candidate of APC as at then was Muhammadu Buhari, and by virtue of the already established capacity of APC, they were able to work unanimously to grant victory for Muhammadu Buhari as he won the election for that very year which was in return a victory for APC. But all in all, Bola Tinubu happens to be one of the master planner of the election, as his roles and contributions to the victory of the election cannot be jettisoned. This is to tell you how powerful and diplomatic Bola Tinubu is when it comes to the game of politics, perhaps that is the reason why he is being regarded as the 'Jagaban' of Nigerian politics, but the truth of the matter is that every of his political nickname is a well deserved one, due to the fact that he always achieve his Political targets during the time of Political manifestations.


Muhammadu Buhari was not economical with his choice of words while he was reading out his presidential speech after his victory in the year 2015. He openly acknowledged the role of Bola Tinubu in an appreciative manner, and he equally appreciated his contributions to the victory of the party. This is to tell you that Bola Tinubu must have contributed well to his victory for him to have acknowledged him while he was reading out his presidential speech. It is quite logical that things might fall apart for APC if Bola Tinubu decides to decamp to another party and then leave APC to their political misfortune. You will agree with me again that some cabals are solely in APC just because they want to be in the same camp with Bola Tinubu, hence such cabals might not equally think it twice to leave along with Bola Tinubu if at all he choose to leave APC. This is not something that is actually arguable, as it is just the power of loyalty, Bola Tinubu had helped a lot of Nigerian politicians and with that he was able to get their emotions, which always makes it easy for him to put them into actions.

APC is expected to duly regard the political stakes of Bola Tinubu, if at all they do not want to be the architect of their misfortune. However, there are speculations that Bola Tinubu might contest for Nigerian president in the year 2023, but the claim is yet to be validated, as he has not made it known to the public whether he will be contesting for presidency or not, but it is quite obvious to all that the gospel of his aspiration has been making headlines in most of the Nigerian newspaper, and yet still the public is yet to hear from the horse mouth, majority are just airing out their opinions and personal analysis. But whichever the situation would turn out to be, you will agree with me that the final resolution of Bola Tinubu is such that would be embraced, because it is very much rare for any politician to be confident enough to go against his political wish. Bola Tinubu is among the elements who keeps nurturing the political relevancy of APC, hence it is quite logical that APC might become very much irrelevant in National Politics if at all Bola Tinubu leaves the party and it might be hard for the party to see any political stake that will perfectly replace his stand in the party.

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