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"Now God have driven the Snake that entered our family home to where he belongs."- Adams Oshiomohole

The immediate past National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomohole while addressing a mammoth crowd that besieged him on his way to his Iyambo village, has claimed that God has chased away the Snake that came into their house (APC) and the Snake has gone back to where he belonged.

Oshiomohole who spoke to his supporter in Auchi is suspected in some quarters to have been referring to Governor, Godwin Obaseki.

"Now God has driven the snake that entered our family home to where he belongs," Oshiomohole, stated.

He equally expressed optimism that his party will win the Edo gubernatorial election.

Oshiomohole according to Vanguard stated "I wanted to come in at night, so that I can quietly go home and then tomorrow (Monday) we can meet.

"But I am very pleasantly surprised that these thousands of people would wait till this night. I wanted to come home quietly but the very vigilante, ever rugged, respected and resourceful people have waited behind.

"I have come home to join you and start the process of reclaiming the house back to the family of APC. What gives me joy is that as they say, he with God is majority and if the people say yes and God says yes, there is no man born of a woman that can say no.

"When I became the Governor of this state, I was not the chairman of anything. I have left the presidency of the NLC.

"Now, I have only one mission and am sure it is our common mission; our common vision to bring Edo back to the part of sustainable development.

"We want to bring back the era of red roof; we want to bring back those lofty days when we engage our youths and we mix up with the elders.

"We want to return the government of the people by the people," Oshiomohole stated.

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