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Opinion: One Major Indicator That Gov. Makinde May Not Contest On The Platform Of PDP In 2023

Engineer Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde became the executive governor of Oyo state on May 29th, 2019 on the platform of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and immediately swept into action without much ado.

In his initial speech as the governor of the state, Gov. Makinde tried to lift the hope of the people of the state as he listed a lot of goodies he has in stock for them.

Gov. Makinde is expected to do the magic in terms of dishing out the dividends of democracy to the populace. There is very much high expectation of him from the people who seem to have been tired of the 8years of two terms of the then ruling party the All Progressive Congress (APC) under the leadership of the late Gov. Abiola Ajimobi.

In the first year of Gov. Makinde in office, he focused on the civil service and the well-being of the state workers. It is on record that the Oyo State civil servants since the inception of Gov. Makinde are getting paid on the 25th of every month. This is to say that those in the civil service, as well as retirees, are much appreciative of the government of Gov. Makinde.

On education, Gov. Makinde in his inaugural speech announced that all students in the state schools should be on free education as payment of all fees in the schools has been abolished with immediate effect. Parents who have one child or more in those schools have no choice but to fall in love with the government of the day as this development serves as succor to those who cannot afford to pay the fees in the first place.

Just of recent, the Gov. Makinde administration employed about ten thousand teachers through the TESCOM. To this end a lot of graduates who are unemployed were fixed up with a means of earning a living while on the other hand schools where some subjects teachers were unavailable were now supplied to filled the gaps.

Overall, Gov. Makinde seems to be fulfilling his campaign promises to the people of Oyo state by providing dividends of democracy visible for them to see and enjoy. For these reasons, Gov. Makinde seems to be enjoying the continual love and support of the people of his state.

Looking at the People's Democratic Party (PDP) at the state, regional and national levels, things seems to be falling apart while the center may not be able to hold again. At the state level, Gov. Makinde seems not to be in tune again as expected with the coalition that brought him into office.

The gladiators that made it happened for governor Makinde in 1999 had all found their ways out of the deal after several complain of negligence and deviance on the part of the governor. This argument has been going back and forth even as the governor is also defending his actions.

At the regional level, the battle of the leadership of the party is still on between Ayodele Fayose and Gov. Makinde. While Fayose may claim to be the most experienced and active bigwig of the party in the region, being the only PDP governor in the region also positioned Gov. Makinde as the leader of the party in the region.

With all these issues and challenges surrounding Gov. Makinde in the PDP, he may be contemplating not to contest the 2023 elections on the platform of the PDP. Though Gov. Makinde has not declared publicly whether he will be seeking a second term in office or not but it is usual of a typical Nigerian politician to seek for more after the expiration of a term in office.

Probably Gov. Makinde is not planning to run for a second term in office, he may not need to contest on the platform of the PDP for the 2023 elections. He would then be making a name for himself and a rare record in the political sphere of the country.

Do you think Gov. Makinde can dump the PDP for the APC as speculated in some political atmosphere of recent? Or Gov. Makinde will go for a record-making history by forgetting about the second term issues as it seems that he may not be interested.

Kindly share, comment and follow this page for more info as things unfold.

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