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Candace blasts Biden's mental health after 48days in office without press briefing

Candace Owen is a very intelligent black woman who's one of the strongest conservative influencer on social media.

She engages in political debates on different platforms with Democrats and her knowledge in American politics and her smooth speech has distinguished her. What makes Candace Owen really interesting is the fact that she's a person of colour. Most people of colour are usually leaned to the left.

Candace Owen rallied support for Trump during the elections especially amongst minorities. She was also a major critic of Joe Biden during the campaign and it seems she's showing no sign of slowing down on that.

She went on Twitter to point out the fact that Biden is unfit for the office after questioning his mental health. According to her, the evidence of her claim is Joe Biden's refusal to grant a press briefing.

This led to so many reactions from followers and also Biden's supporters.

Do you think Joe Biden's health is deteriorating or he's just focusing on the job?

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