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Adams Oshiomhole Might Still Be The New Bride Of APC, In Their Next National Convention [Opinion]


If the rejected stone finally is the corner stone, it won't be fresh. Since the APC national convention is yet to be concluded, Adams Oshiomhole may be recognized again. However, for most of the Nigerian people, it's no longer a disturbing news that Adams Oshiomhole was dismissed by the Court of Appeal as national chairman of APC after which he was initially suspended as the national chairman of APC. His suspension was related to the political accusation made against him by Mr. Oshawo Stephen, Chairman of the Etsako Local Government Area, Ward 10, Edo State. His suspension was then justified by his failure to pay due respect to his ward and also by his deviation from party norms and procedures, thus his being suspended as a Party member, impacting his interests in exchange at national level. But with this situation, if Adams Oshiomhole can all meet and negotiations with relevant APC cabals, you can say, 'Adams Oshiomhole can still be the New Bride of APC,' because he is still eligible to be reappointed for his former stake, if he is able to play well, for the correct people, at the right time.

In the mean time, his suspension came with Godwin Obaseki, who is currently biding his second return as Governor of the State. Afterwards, posterity should never forget that Adams Oshiomhole has alone nurtured Godwin Obaseki 's ambition in 2016, this is the first time he expressed an expectation for the state governor. He was committed to Godwin Obaseki 's course by his loyalty to Adams Oshiomhole when he ensured he was elected governor, right after his own tenure. But Godwin Obaseki started to break from the politics of Adams Oshiomhole, and his disloyalty caused Adams Oshiomhole to make up his mind, promising that Goodwin Obaseki would not go back as governor of the state.

Instead he hunted him first, championing his disqualification as an APC governor as alleged to have subjected him to fake credentials, but the issue here is that if in 2016, APC will be able to help him and clear his credentials, why do they say that his credentials are now fake? Otherwise there is a certain level of hypocrisy in politics, which Adams Oshiomhole championed. His disqualification led him to decamp to the PDP, where he is today the flag bearer of the PDP as Godwin Obaseki 's supposed flag bearer dropped just a few minutes before the primary election began. His work is designed to ensure united interest, so that Godwin Obaseki can be nurtured alone and ensure the pertinence of Adams Oshiomhole in state and national politics to the end.


It is clear that APC will hold its national convention in 2023, and it is a convention that will put Adams Oshiomhole back to the table if he can play his cards very well at all. It is no longer a groundbreaking news to most Nigerians, meanwhile, that APC recently had their Executive Council Meeting, at which Mai Mala, the former governor of the State of Yobe, was named as the new Interim Chairman and Custodial Committee for APC. He was named alongside other people from various parts of the nation, then the 'NWC' of APC, in which Adams Oshiomhole falls, was disbanded.

Meanwhile Adams Oshiomhole still has a golden opportunity at the national convention, if he is wise and highly calculative, he needs only to meet the relevant stakes within the party, so he could find his way cheaply and return to national politics. It is unquestionable that he is one of the founding elements of the movement, and the movement potential can not be easily dismissed. His defined political framework will allow him to know "Who Is Who" in relation to the next national APC Convention, and to be the new bride of the APC, all depends on his time smartness and political calculations. He is also expected to join 'Bola Tinubu,' who eventually is the party's national leader, whose stakes can not be hidden under the tapestry in regard to APC politics. 'Loyalty' is one of the main criteria Adams Oshiomhole will use if he can leave his ego at all.

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