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Unknown Gunmen Who Forced Politicians to Lie on Mud in Enugu May Have Overstepped Their Boundaries.

According to a recent report reaching us from the Daily Post, unknown gunmen had invaded a political meeting in Enugu West and threatened the political leaders there. Following their invasion, some fled for their lives while others managed to be captured by the group and told to lie in the mud after they had been beaten and molested by the unknown gunmen.

In the report, the gunmen allegedly threatened the political leaders to not organize further political meetings in the state. They also accused the political leaders of trying to bring back Fulani into Enugu West when they had first driven them out years back. The gunmen could be heard angrily in a video saying that they had told the leaders to stop party campaigns in Enugu because they didn't need them and because no future election was going to be held in the state.

The unknown gunmen allegedly made several politicians vow not to organize any other political meetings in the state, and if they do so, they should kill them. This means that the gunmen need to be stopped as soon as possible, they have crossed their boundaries. They have forcefully threatened the political leaders and should be arrested for that act.

Regardless of what the unknown gunmen say, Enugu state is run by democracy and it will continue to be that way. Unknown gunmen, or any other person, won't be able to change that.

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Source: Daily Post

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