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Npower: current affairs question for 2020 aptitude test you should know

(1)In Nigeria, democracy day is now celebrated on?

Answe:June 12

(2)Which is the most populated country in the world

Answer:China with 1.4billion residents

(3)How many ethnic groups do we have in Nigeria

Answer:250 ethnic groups

(4)Who is Nigeria's current speaker of house of Representatives

Answer:Femi Gbaja Biamila

(5)Who is Nigeria's minister of power?

Answer:Sale Mamman from Taraba state

(6)Who was the first president of Nigeria?

Answer:Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe(Oct 1st 1960- Jan 15 1966)

(7)What agency is the economic commission for Africa part of ?

Answer: UNO( United Nations organization)

(8)Which desert edge is found at Nigeria's northern most border land ?

Answer: Sahara desert

(9) The highest court in Nigeria is ?

Answer: Supreme Court

(10) All the people in a country or area who are entitled to voting in an election can be referred to as ?

Answer: Electorate

(11)Who is the current Governor of central bank of Nigeria?

Answer: Godwin Emefiele

(12)Who is Nigeria's minister of education?

Answer: Adamu Adamu

(13) what is the name of the highest mountain in Africa?

Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

(14)who created the Nigeria's council?

Answer: Fredrick Lugard

(15)What country does Nigeria share border within the west?

Answer: Republic of Benin

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Answe China Nigeria Nnamdi Azikiwe( Sale Mamman


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