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One crucial statement Shekarau made about calls for a Southern Presidency we should take note of

According to reports we gathered from Daily Post, the former Governor of Kano State, Ibrahim Shekarau, has issued series of statements concerning the demands by the 17 Governors of southern Nigeria, for the next President of Nigeria to emerge from the South.

Photo credit: Daily Post

While speaking on Channels Television yesterday, Shekarau told the Southern governors to stop ganging up and issuing threats in their bid to clinch the presidency in 2023. According to him, although he supports that power should shift to the south to give the region a sense of belonging, after the end of President Muhammadu Buhari's 8 years in office, it, however, should be a Political party affair and not through the southern governors' imposition.

During his interview, one crucial statement Ibrahim Shekarau made that in my opinion, we should take note of, is that there is a possibility of other groups taking hold of the Southern governors' current strategy for demanding presidency, and replicating same in subsequent elections.

Photo credit: Guardian Nigeria

In his words, Shekarau stated thus "My point of disagreement with the gang up groups like the Southern governors is coming to gang up to say it must be our time. This is wrong. It is purely a party issue and the political parties should go to the boardrooms and sort this out themselves.

Today, the southern governors are ganging up, tomorrow, another group would gang up and say it must be us".

Photo credit: Research Gate

This statement should not be ignored bearing in mind that Nigeria as a country, is multi-faceted in its ethnic make-up. Aside from the Northern and Southern dichotomy, the Igbos have also persisted in clinching the presidency in 2023. As Shekarau has stated, who knows, maybe by 2027, the Kanuri man, Tiv man, Ogoni man, or the Idoma man may arise to also demand presidency.

On this note, the major power brokers in Nigeria must handle the southern governors' demand for Presidency with wisdom, to avoid a possible polarization of the Nigerian political system along ethnic lines.

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