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Meet Senator Sani Yerima With His Egyptian Wife And Their Child

There is no doubt that Senator Sani Yerima has made his mark in Nigeria politics. He is one of the few Nigerians who have the privilege to govern their state and also became the Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Born Ahmed Rufai Sani Yerima on July 22, 1960, Yerima was the Governor of Zamfara State between May 29, 1999 to May 29, 2007.

Yerima is credited for being the first Governor in Nigeria to govern a state with Islamic Sharia law which he used throughout his stay in office. 

While he used Sharia to govern Zamfara, he banned the sale of alcohol in the state, he established Sharia implementation bodies like Council of Ulama, Hisbah Commission, Zakkat and Endowment Board, Sharia Research and Development Board, and also established Preaching Commission.

However, he stated that apostasy was not a criminal offence, he also allowed Christians in the state to practice their religion and also allowed building of their religious houses. He also made it possible for sentence to be appealed in Nigeria's Federal High Court. 

After leaving office in 2007 as the Governor of Zamfara State, Yerima was then elected as the Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria in April 2007, representing, Zamfara West senatorial district.  

He was in office between June 2007 to June 2019, spending 12 years as the Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Yerima got married to a beautiful Egyptian woman in 2013. In one of his interviews, he stated that his wife returned back to school after their marriage in 2013.

Yerima and his beautiful wife have already welcome beautiful daughter together and their love appears to be waxing stronger.

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