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Peter Obi won big in the South East, but the North split its vote between Hakeem Baba and Ahmed.

Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, spokesman for the Northern Elders Forum, has said that all four major candidates received votes from the north in the most recent presidential election.

He made the remark in response to a Twitter user who had called him a hypocrite for his views on various topics. A Twitter user complained that Hakeem Baba-Ahmed is hypocritical because he treats the entire north as one but works to break the south apart. If north is one, then south must be one as well, right? To which he continued.

In a Twitter response, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed slammed the guy for making false claims. The north voted for all four major candidates in the last election, despite his claims that the south is united.

He pointed out that while the southeast overwhelmingly backed Labour Party candidate Peter Obi, the rest of the south did not.

He claimed that the northern states voted for all four major party candidates but still functioned as a unified whole because they knew how the southern states voted.

If it's any consolation, the South is also one.The northern states split their votes among the four major party candidates. This election in SE was a landslide for PO. Nothing else in the South did.The North must be very strong if it can split the South, decide how it voted, and keep itself together. The man put pen to paper.

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