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11 Years After The Death Of Babangida's Wife , See His Recent Photos And Other Children

At first many will think General Ibrahim Babangida is all powerful and mighty but let tell you something Ibrahim Babangida is a human like you and had also pass through challenges

 On the 27th of December 2009 (11years ago) Maryam Babangida the wife of General Ibrahim Babangida died from complications of Ovarian cancer,

untill her death Maryam is a very vibrant and active lady with so much love for Nigeria she died leaving behind four precious children.

 We all know how powerful and wealthy General Ibrahim Babangida is,if money would have bring his wife back to life Babangida would have brought his wife back to life .

 Aside the death of his wife Babangida is also blessed with four intelligent children, they include Aisha Babangida, Muhammad Babangida,Aminu Babangida, Halima Babangida.

 See their photos below .

1: Aisha Babangida

 She is the first daughter of the former military president of Nigeria General Ibrahim Babangida . Aisha first married Basheer a cousin to her father's former defense chief but the marriage collapsed due to Aisha exuberant life .

 She later married Umaru Shinkafi, of Zamfara state as third wife but the marriage equally collapsed after the governor lost his second term . Aisha Babangida is single now .

2 : Muhammed Babangida 

He is the first son of General Ibrahim Babangida he was married to Rahama Idima although their marriage had issues but it seems they are back to normal.

3 : Aminu Babangida is also one of the sons if General Ibrahim Babangida,he is in his early 40s and yet to get married.

4: Halima Babangida 

 She is the last child of General Ibrahim Babangida

See recent pictures of General Ibrahim Babangida.

Do you wish General Ibrahim Babangida to become the next president of Nigeria

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Aisha Babangida Aminu Babangida Halima Babangida Ibrahim Babangida Maryam Babangida


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