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Why The Debate Over Where The Next President Should Come From If We All Believe In a United Nigeria?

Nigerian government, and political leaders in the country, have over the years, continued to preach the spirit of oneness, advocating for a united Nigeria. The unity of the country is paramount to the government, that it had to adopt the Federal Character Policy, encouraging everyone in the country to, as a matter of necessity, always identify himself first as a Nigerian, before identifying with any tribe or religion.

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Despite the belief in a united and indivisible Nigeria, where the Federal Character Policy reigns supreme, the recent debate over the region where the next President of the country should come from, has undoubtedly questioned our true position on the status of Nigeria as a united and indivisible country. It should be recalled that for a while now, the North and Southern regions have been at loggerheads over the issue of zoning of the 2023 Presidency to a particular region.

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Following this development, we may begin to ask ourselves what exactly has happened to the Federal Character Policy, which has often encouraged us to first identify ourselves as Nigerians before identifying with our tribe or religion. If truly we all believe in a united Nigeria, why then is the debate over where the next President of the country should come from. Arguably, seeing ourselves as Nigerians instead of Northerners, and Southerners, would see us, not minding where the next President comes from.

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Apparently, the debate over zoning the 2023 Presidency to a particular region, has suggested that not even our political leaders, believe in a united Nigeria where the Federal Character Policy reigns supreme. This can be argued to be the reason behind the ongoing debate between the two regions over where the country’s next President should come from. In my view, this should not be so. Our leaders should learn to lead by example.

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The debate over which region should produce the next President, has arguably revealed that our political leaders are yet to fully key into the ideas of the Federal Character Policy which they preach. This explains why each region has shown its determination to take over the 2023 Presidency with little to no attention being given to meritocracy. As such, our political leaders should end the zoning debate, and focus on who has the capacity to lead the country. 

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