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Opinion: How Rarara's N1000 Contribution Helped The People Of Sharada Kano

How Rarara's N1000 Contribution Helped The People Of Sharada Kano

The news of Rarara the president Muhammadu Buhari praise singer wanting people to contribute N1000 each to him so as to sing another song for the president has trended for a long time.

This is an inspiring story about how this has influenced the people of Sharada Kano to contribute money and help aid their course.

According to a facebook user identified as Mukhtar Ibrahim Lawan he described how his people of Sharada in Kano metropolis contributed money so as to help in carrying out community services to their surroundings.

He said the news of the millions of naira that Rarara generated serves as a wake up call to the residents of his quarters who initiated a similar pattern and started generating money so as to help their quarters.

He said that they have so far generated over 3 million naira and more are coming.

The system of collecting the contributions is that they have set up a shop at one Plaza where residents go and deposit their contributions ne it N50 or N100.

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