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Presidency: One Thing Southern & Northern Leaders Can Do To Have An Agreement On Zoning Ahead of 2023

The issue of zoning to the southern region of Nigeria has raised a lot of controversies amongst the various regions in Nigeria. The Northern Elders Forum has expressed their intention and they aren't showing a willingness to accept threats from the southern Governor who have been deliberating on how power will return to the south in 2023.

Given this hullabaloo, I have concluded that Northerners need to exercise patience and call the Southern governors to a meeting on how they will overcome this national challenge that could pose a big threat to the peace of Nigeria if not well managed. Threats shouldn't be part of the deal, negotiation and mutual agreement should be considered in a situation like this that is how the country will select the right leader that will fulfil the desire of Citizens.

Calling a round table discussion will go a long way in satisfying the interest of all the regions in Nigeria and there won't be unnecessary arguments or regrets after the electionn in 2023. Nigeria is a country built on three tribal pillars and every citizen from the tribes and regions must have a say on who they want as a leader, that is the only way the country will enjoy smooth progress and there won't be a need for hatred amongst the citizens, proper planning is demanded and it is a necessity that will yield positive results at the end of the day.

Instead of exchanging words or making bad comments about the choice of one region, the leaders in Nigeria should bring their hearts and minds together to solve this national problem, Nigeria deserves a government that is rooted out of a shared interest amongst citizens. Zoning shouldn't be a challenge to us as a people, we need to focus on the other big problems facing the country. I believe the country will progress if a mutual agreement is reached by the leaders in the country.

As a citizen, I'm tired of reading hurtful words thrown from one tribe to another, we are more than this and we need to give ourselves the best that we deserve. Our journey to independence in 1960 should be a model guiding our action towards our neighbouring regions. I'm looking forward to a better and bigger Nigeria before and after the year 2023. Nigeria will never break. We will remain strong together forever

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