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Most Unpredictable Election In Nigeria Is 2023 General Election (Photos)

Some one can say 2023 Election can be this and can be that, but the true of the matter is, it's unpredictable. With the current situation and challenges every individual is passing through but Rich and poor, which mostly is the poor people facing the most intensive part of it. From the previous Election many people thought they will be changed, unfortunately it turns out the other way round, because the government has failed In many ways, the insecurity is getting worst, the economy is getting worst, dollar keep raising high against naira, and many others thing's. In my on opinion that lead me to say 2023 general election is unpredictable. Critically 90% of people are not happy about the current situation and challenges of the nation, which has made a lot of people asking them selves, who will they vote as their leader in incoming general election 2023. Hope of Nigeria citizen's on their leaders is becoming weak every moment, thinking of who to vote now is the biggest question in the citizens of the nation, considering on how many people believe that the current government will reduce the hardship of living, it turns out to be, from frying pan to fire, and at times I don't blame the leader is the masses which they vote on what they get not on what they will get, now it's clear, if we can learn our lesson this is the right moment to vote the capable person, not based on what we will get at the moment. Nigeria election in the past history it was a fair Election, but now it has turned out, to be do or die affairs, no body is willing to accept defeat. Unless the electoral committee stand on the ground of defending the dignity of our dear nation, if not election can never be free and fair, so government need to give them the maximum ground of operations for them to stand on their on, without any intervention from the sitting government or otherwise. I urge every good citizen of the nation to make sure a very well election is conducted without no any bias, and also to remain law abiding citizen not to take part in any form of Election violence, that will help and make our Election flexible for every citizen to vote without no fear of any violence. Likewise government should help the electoral committee with the necessary items, especially the modern machine that can make every vote of the citizens count, and make the election Free and fair, in that case election in Nigeria will be better, and we will have good leaders that can make Nigeria a better place for every citizen and the world at large. God bless Nigeria our dear nation

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