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Pick your birth month to see what kind of heart you have

Sometimes our names and birth months explains and affects our characters, behaviours and lifestyles. There are twelve months in a year as we all know each month have over thirty days in it except in a leap year.

The Twelve Months Are;


January is the first month of the year and it is know that people who are born in January are the quit and weak kind of people. They are also known as first borns just as their month is the first the year.


February is the second month of the year and it's the same year that has a leap. It has 30 days and 29 days as a leap. People who are born in this month are very beautiful and handsome people, they are know as wonderful people.


This is the third month of the year. March is a nice month too but it seems like people who are born in this month are always rich but are troublesome too.


April is the best month so far. This is the month with the raining season, also the month of cultivation for the farmers. April is filled with so much goodness and favours in it, April borns are cute, handsome, beautiful, pretty, adorable, quite, hardworking, successful and are courageous.


May is the fifth month in the year, it's a month filled with milk and honey. People who are born in this month are always into politics and government offices.


This is the sixth month of the year and also the middle of the year. People born in this month are religious people sometimes are priests.


Just after June we have July. They are just like brothers and sisters, July are born lovers. People born in July are lover boys and girls, they fall in love easily and always have cute smiles.


This is the month with the highest number of male borns. Researches have made it clear that most August borns are males. People born in August are sometimes ugly and tricky.


This is the month just after August. People born in September are always happy and are always incredible. They are so wise and are good in inventing.


October is a pretty month too, people born on October are awesome.


November borns are the most luckiest people, because they are close to December the celebration month. November borns are the reason for celebrations as they even rejoice than those of April and December, I jealous that month alot.


This is the last month of the year. A year for celebrations, rejoicing and happiness.

People born in this month are known as last borns. So which is your month?

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