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How Kwankwaso & Tinubu's Friendship Dates Back to MKO Abiola's Era in My Party -Shehu Gabam

The national chairman of the SDP, Shehu Gabam, has shared the story of Tinubu's relationship with presidential candidate Sen. Kwankwaso. In his interview, Gabam revealed the role played by the now-deceased prominent politician, MKO Abiola, in their history.

Addressing the topic, Gabam said, "Even before the election, Kwankwaso had a kind of sympathy towards Tinubu, and this cannot be alienated from the long-standing relationship that they share. During Abiola's era in the SDP, Kwankwaso was a deputy speaker under the party, while Tinubu was a senator-elect in Lagos State under the same party. They have been friends for quite a while on the political scene. Also, that friendship outdates Tinubu's relationship with Ganduje. In the process of trying to form political alliances to move the country forward, Tinubu has to find forces that would balance the possibility of crises around the political zone with people who can water down crises around the country.

RELIVE: How MKO Abiola declared himself 'President and Commander-in-Chief'  | The ICIR- Latest News, Politics, Governance, Elections, Investigation,  Factcheck, Covid-19He added, "This is how visionary leaders work: by finding valuable people. It is not surprising to those of us who know the history of their relationship. I also recall that Kwankwaso gave an advantage to Tinubu over Atiku during his interview before the election. There were attempts for Kwankwaso to step down for Tinubu, but he refused and insisted on seeing his ambition through. Now that the election is over, they are renewing their political relationship. Tinubu may be considering Kwankwaso's political value and the economic size of Kano State. It will be more advantageous to him than what Governor Ganduje may have to offer.

You can watch the interview here. (12:30 minute)

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