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Opinion: If Pro-Buhari Rally In The US Is Bankrolled, Who Then Bankrolled The Anti-Buhari Group?

During the 2019 Presidential election, Muhammadu Buhari was re-elected as President after polling 15.2 million votes, 56% of total votes cast. Rigged or not, President Muhammadu Buhari has loyal supporters and people who adored him. These people will support him regardless. But aside from the President's loyal supporters, there are Nigerians who truly love the country to remain in its present state, never to be divided for any reason. A combination of Buhari loyalists and patriotic Nigerians would always oppose any call for the dissolution of the country.

President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria for New York on Monday (Image: The Guardian Nigeria)

According to Sahara Reporters, today in New York City, USA, venue of the 76 Session of the United Nations General Assembly, some anti-Buhari and pro-Buhari supporters were there to demonstrate. President Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria for New York to attend the UN General Session on Monday 20th September 2021. Sahara Reporters said that the anti-Buhari protesters alleged that the pro-Buhari supporters were paid about $50 to $150 to come out and rally in support of the President. One Bello Haruna was alleged to be the mobilizer and the man who paid them. According to Sahara Reporters, Bello Haruna is alleged to be very close to the Cabal in Buhari's government. If the pro-Buhari people were paid who then pay the anti-Buhari group to demonstrate?

Anti-Buhari Protesters in New York (Image: Herdlinewave)

Pro-Buhari/Nigeria supporters in New York (Image: Sahara Reporters)

Why do people think that any pro-Buhari rally is sponsored? Unless of course, they assume that all rallies are sponsored by some interest parties. There are an estimated 200 million Nigerians across the world, a significant percentage of that figure will surely support the President. Besides, the anti-Buhari protesters in New York have among those who don't believe in the unity of Nigeria. Sahara Reporters quoted one of them, a woman who identified herself as an "Oduduwa adherent". A supporter of the Yoruba separatist group. There are members of the IPOB, who also wants a separation of the South-Eastern part of Nigeria from the nation. They came to the rally brandishing placards calling for self-determination, allegations of genocides, etc.

There are Nigerians who love and support Buhari genuinely (Image: Nairaland)

And there are Nigerians who do not support or like Buhari genuinely (Image: Daily Express)

The alleged pro-Buhari group in my opinion should be referred to as the pro-Nigeria group. Their placards according to Sahara reporters had statements as: "Stronger Together", "Unity In Diversity", "Nigerians Wants National Unity, Not Secession", etc. There are many Nigerians who feel that way, whether they like Buhari or not.

Sahara Reporters said when they asked the said Bello Haruna why he and other Nigerians came out to support the country he said, " I am a patriotic Nigerian and all I want is a united Nigeria, that's all." Why would those who don't like Buhari, his administration or the APC attack those who like him or support the unity of Nigerians during rallies as being bought or bankrolled? Unless they don't believe that people also demonstrate for their conscience and not for money. And if they believe that to be true, they too were bought or bankrolled to demonstrate against Buhari and Nigeria in New York.

Pro-Buhari and anti-Buhari demonstrators during his visit to London (Images: BBC)

Every leader must have genuine supporters as well as haters, they will come out to demonstrate for or against without being induced financially or with other kinds of favours. There are also those who support the nation and will always join the supporters of the leader of the country who promotes the unity and progress of that nation. In New York, some pro-Buhari and pro-Nigeria supporters had come out to counter an anti-Buhari and anti-unified Nigeria rally. But one is alleged to be bankrolled while the other isn't. Is either none is bankrolled or all of the opposing groups were bought. Let the truth be told!

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