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See the worst road that links two LGA Capitals in Ogun State (Pictures).

The Nigerian government seems to be in a confused state as most of their policies and actions/administration antagonize each other at times.

Typical of this antagonism is the fact that the state government will claim she can't spend a dime to repair roads that belong to the federal arm.

Generally, the infrastructural state of the nation is in ruin. Its either the government isn't doing what she ought to, or the parastatal isn't enforcing proper maintenance.

But what of roads where the government is yet to proclaim what ought to be done or not to be done on it. Personally, I get angry when I see people sitting on motorbikes and dragging iron rods behind them. I feel there should be some set of rules guiding against such, and more.

That said, there are many abandoned roads in Nigeria. Few of which remain death covings till date because the state government claims that it "belongs" to the federal arm of government and vice versa.

Sad enough, these roads ought to be highways. But because neither the state nor the federal arm of government is ready to construct or repair, these road lay in ruin for years.

Such is the road that links two important local governments in the Yewa division of Ogun State, Nigeria.

Yewa, Egba, Remo and Ijebu are the four political divisions in Ogun State.

The two main local governments in the Yewa division are Yewa (Egbado) North and Yewa South with their respective capitals at Ayetoro and Ilaro.

There exist many bad roads in Nigeria of a truth, but the state of the road that links these two important local governments is a sorry case.

Whether the road belongs to the Federal or state government, I am not sure. But I want to believe its a federal road.

From either of these towns to another, it is now a norm for travelers to stay at the parks for close to an hour before a car takes off. Most people, even with their heavy luggage's prefer boarding motorbikes. This is because of (1) the poor state of the road linking Ayetoro and Ilaro; passengers believe that motorbikes can still manage to maneuver the pain giving pot holes on the road unlike cars, (2) due to the first reason, there is not single and tangible company in these two towns that may warrant marketers or workers shuttling between them.

Albeit, Dangote Cement Plant is in Ibese. Ibese is a small town in between Ilaro and Ayetoro. 

Over the past few years since the plant started operation, travellers from Ilaro enjoy a seemingly stress free drive from Ilaro to Ibese because Dangote repaired the road to aid his business.

But if you're to go beyond Ibese (where Dangote plant is), you must be ready to take some paracetamol after the journey.

To me, the state of this road isn't good enough. And considering the fact that it links two Germain local government capitals, the government ought to do something about it.

I want to believe this is the worst road linking two local government capitals in the whole of Ogun State.

Below are some shots of the road I personally took during a recent journey.

The road has been that way for as long as I know there exist an Ilaro-Ayetoro road, that's over 10 years. What a pity!

I have also included the part of Ilaro-Ibese which Dangote plant has repaired. My spirit sincerely prays for this man each time I ride on that road.

He recently did a clean up on the road as well. In addition, the clean up seems like he's planning to expand the road and amend some bad pot holes along the road.

A thumb up to that man and his management team.

What's your take on this? Do you know any other road linking two local government capitals that is this bad in Nigeria?

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Content created and supplied by: A.I.M_MARC (via Opera News )

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