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See Photos Of Prison In Nigeria And America (Photos)

Those that kept in prison are not the worst criminal on earth, there are people that committed a crime that would have made them to remain in prison but the good thing is that they are not caught. I came across came photos of prison in America and Nigeria that will make you to think if people living there are really prisoners. Though there is a big difference between the two and the prisoners are treated differently if you look at the pictures very well. One recieved better treatment than the other but that will not stop them to live like kings. No matter the offence of a prisoner, they are entitle a better treatment and a good environment. Putting them in a bad good will not make things right rather it will increase the flame in them. It is the duty of the government to ensure prisoners are treated like a king and also as a citizen of that country. Westerners have unique way of treating criminals that will make you to wonder if truly they are prisoners, their right is still respected. You can see that they are treated like a king not prisoners. Putting criminals in a tattered and stuffy place will not stop them from committing crime. There are ways to stop bad behavior of somebody if you treat them way. America prisoners feels comfortable and relax, they are in good condition better than Nigeria prisoners.

Anger and frustration instigate crime, I believe if prisoners are handle and treated properly they will stop their evil ways. You can see that the America have best place where prisoners sleep with good mattress than Nigeria prison. In Nigeria, seeing the condition of the prison will make you not to commit crime. Nigerians have zero tolerance for criminals and that is why they treat prisoners the way they want.

I believe with proper orientation and good atmosphere they will realized their mistakes and will start to live right. Everyone has right to live a good life no matter your offence that is why the governments are expected to create a good atmosphere for his citizens.


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