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3 Important Warnings Wike Issued To Northern Governors After They Rejected Power Rotation To The South

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It is no longer news that the Northern Governors Forum has rejected the call for power shift to the South in 2023 by the Southern Governors Forum. The NGF described the clamour as unconstitutional, saying it does not align with the interest of the North. 

Kaduna State Governor who hosted the summit told the media that the call by the Southern Governors was foolish, adding that no one can sit down in Lagos or Rivers and determine what the North wants.

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Of course, there have been a lot of angry reactions from stakeholders in the south, including one from River State Governor Nyesom Wike who in a Guardian Newspaper report warned against the implication of not abiding by the principle of power shift come 2023.

In this article, I will analyse three important warnings by Wike to his Northern Colleagues.

Rejecting power shift will incite insecurity

Governor Wike does not shy away from a good fight. He has been vocal in his demand for power shift to the North, even though he is a member of the Peoples Democratic Party.

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On the declaration by the Northern Governors that power shift was unconstitutional he warned of the danger of not abiding by it. Speaking recently in Abuja, Wike noted that the call for power rotation, though not captured by the constitution was a matter of equity. He also stress that the absence of equity was a recipe for insecurity. 

Wike was saying that even though power rotation may not have been captured in the constitution yet it is a righteous demand because it is a call for equity. And where equity is absent insecurity becomes the order of the day.

People need to feel a sense of belonging for them to be happy. It is where these factors are absent that people resort to anarchy and insecurity as a means of venting their frustration.

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I recall that even El Rufai has once spoken in defence of power rotation. And what he said then was that even though it was not in the constitution, yet it was a necessarily political solution designed to give every region a sense of belonging. So why is he suddenly joining others to sing a different tone?

Rejecting Power rotation will frustrate development in the country 

Another warning that Wike issued to the northern governors is that they should not expect development in an atmosphere of crisis and lack of trust. The northern Governors should know this better because of the insecurity problem going on in their region with Boko Haram and bandits, which has gravely hampered the economy and growth in the region. 

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The Governor noted that if the country truly seeks genuine development then all citizens and all regions must have a sense of belonging and stakeholdership in the Nigerian project.

Exclusivity can breed political crisis

Wike attacked the core of the problem as he accused the north of having an entitlement mentality. But he warned that such a mindset breed political crisis. Nobody can claim exclusive ownership of Nigeria’s seat of power and even though the North has a larger population, yet it does not confer on it the title of Senior partner. Every reason is an equal partner in the Nigerian project. Anything to the contrary is a call for a crisis.

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