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Why the U.S. trades with Vietnam but not Cuba

Yeah. I think that Vietnam and Cuba are quite different from many factors as the following:

(La Habana)

Firstly, Geography between Cuba and Vietnam is different and it leads to an important difference. If you look at the map, Cuba is very close to America. It means that Cuba has a special important security site in America. You see the Cuban missiles tension in 1962. Obviously, it shall be better for America if the current Cuban regime changes.

Secondly, Vietnam seems to be the center of ASEAN with its population of nearly 100 million people. Also, Vietnam's economy has grown up fast with a potentially huge market. It is clear that America shall not refuse the chance to make business.

(Ho Chi Minh city)

Thirdly, Both countries agree to close history and forward to the future. Basically, Vietnam has no threat to America. Furthermore, America could put its influence on Vietnam which contributes to prevent China’s rise.

P/s: I write answers based upon the gist and requirement of the question. Readers are requested to read it with neutrality and rational approach. I throughout this answer has no intention of showing any disrespect towards any group of people or country.

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