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Meet The Youngest Male Commercial Pilot Licensed In Both Nigeria And South Africa

Nigerian as accomplished many records like the first male lawyer etc likewise another record that Nigerian broke again is the youngest male Commercial Pilot Licence in both Nigeria and South Africa whose name is Favour Odozor, a 20-year-old Nigerian.

He attended attended Uchenna Secondary School in Owerri, the Imo State capital, graduating in 2009 before he went to south Africa for his training.

He was trained in Afrika Union Aviation Academy (AUAA), Mafikeng, South Africa with 15 other pilots. During the training he qualified to be the best among others.

Favour Odizor passed through 37 flying procedures before they gave him this Licence, Director of AUAA in person Capt. Allan Roebuck, Director of AUAA explained thus to NAN in Johannesburg. During his days in the academy, he worked hard, he was focused, always punctual and disciplined the director commended him for this and worth to be the youngest commercial licence pilot in both Nigeria and South Africa.

Mr. Odozor explained how he did it , from my childhood have been dreaming becoming a pilot at age 20. Even thou I didn't know I will be the youngest Nigerian to get the commercial pilot licence, not to talk about in an advanced country like South Africa.

Favour Odozor has the same record with Ed Gardner, a Briton who also obtained commercial pilot licence at the age of 20 in 2008.

Lesson derived

1. Remain focused in whatever you are doing.

2. Don't take others peoples steps but rather chase your dream till you get it

3. Never accept defeat from your fellow

4. Lastly trust in God, for he is the giver of wisdom.

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