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These Are The Signatories To The Account And It Means That We Are Going To Lock Up The Office-Apapa

Lamidi Apapa, the Labour Party's interim national chairman, discusses the party's current leadership dilemma and possible solutions.

Given that the problem keeps becoming worse over time, have you given any thought to stepping down as the factional National Chairman of the party?

Who will I make way for here? Will I yield the floor to someone who has been ordered to refrain from referring to himself as the party chairman? Consequently, it means I should move away, and we will lock the office and keep the party empty in that manner. For me to declare that I'm resigning is absurd. Has there been any crime I've committed that justifies that? It will be unusual for such to happen. I'm just trying to save the party. With other members of the National Working Committee, I'm on a rescue mission for the party because, if we don't act quickly, the secretary and treasurer, among other party officials, will have to be restrained. Due to the fact that these people are the account's signatories, the office will now be locked. Nobody should be greater than those who gave them the command or the mandate because they are merely the party's representatives, and since we all contributed to the constitution's creation, nobody should be greater than those who provided it to them.

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