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Some members of the 9th Assembly refusing medical screening for Covid-19? See leaked letter

While still in the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been advised that since everyone could be a potential carrier, individuals irrespective of how highly or lowly placed in the society, should avail themselves to medical screening at airports.

However, it has been rather worrisome that some highly placed citizens, as seen in a leaked letter, are towing the contrary path.

The letter which is confidentially addressed to the Honourable Speaker of the 9th Assembly, complains of the refusal of some members of the House of Representatives not giving into the advised medical screenings at airports.,thereby endangering the entire nation.

Attached below is a copy of the letter:

Laws are made to be adhered, but what happens when these laws are disregarded by same persons who make the laws?

With such threats being posed by those at such height, all the common man is left to do is adhere to the rules of playing and staying safe by reinforcing social distancing and all other precautions made known.

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