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Why the Palestinian people can't have a state

The main issue is that the Palestinian people were only created out of what would otherwise be Jordanian (and to a lesser extent, Egyptian) people after Israel occupied the land they want for their state.

This is the original mandate of Palestine:

This is how it was to be divided between the Jews and the Arabs:

Then from this, the “Jewish Palestine” was divided further into a Jewish and Palestinian part, then there were a few wars, several expulsions (of which most don’t matter because the expelled were the Jews) and now here we are, decades laterm arguing why Israel is occupying Palestinian land.

Fact 1: Modern-day Israel predates the first mention of a Palestinian nation by approximately 20 years.

Fact 2: The world was fine when 20 million Muslims and Hindus were forced off their homes to live in Pakistan or India, respectively. This happened just before “the disaster”, the unprecedented event when ~800 thousand Muslims living in Palestine (not yet Palestinians) were forced off their homes.

Fact 3: The world was also fine when ~800 thousand Jews living in Arab countries were forced from their homes and resettled in Israel with nothing but shirts on their backs to call their own.

There is a solution to the problem: Treat Jews and Palestinians as equals. That might mean something other than what you might think it means.

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